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Australian Army Records

ANZAC Soldier - Locate Army Records Australia has been fighting in wars for most of its history, and unfortunately many Australian soldiers have given their lives in the protection of their homeland.

Military records have been saved throughout the years, and together with war records they preserve the past and tell the stories of the Australia’s military brave warriors.

Whether you are looking for records from the Australian Military, Army, Royal Navy, Defence Force or Air Force, this is your portal to the past.

With military & war records dating back to the early 20th century and the First World War (ww1), our extensive database is at your disposal.

Military Records

The military records which are available in our online database refer to all people served in the Australian defence force during the years, thee files can contain one or more of the following details:

# Soldier's first, middle and last name
# Service Number
# Date of birth, born city
# Rank
# War participation (including SID and years)

These records can also contain historical information about a specific soldier, his background information, the soldier's service and pension records (if these are available) and might even include prisoner rolls.

The Australian military records can be used to find out information about almost any Australian soldier , information about battles dates and outcomes, and can even help, in some cases, to locate the gravesites of your loved ones that were lost in combat, and their enlistment dates.

How Can Military Records Assist in Locating Family Members?

Not many people know this fact, but sometimes people succeed to find out valuable information about their family members through military records or even in online public records. These files contain valuable information, which would probably have never been found otherwise.

Another valuable source are the Australian war memorial records, which are a great way to connect with a person's past, and may help people to find out the truth about their loved ones who served their country in order to protect its citizens.

For those of you who are trying to assemble a family tree, there is no better way than to use our Australian people search engine but if this search is not fruitful, one of the best and most effective ways is to use the Australian war records, which in many cases will allow Australians to get access to information they looked for a very long time.

Which Records Can Be Found in Our Database?

Today the number of active personal in the Australian defence force is around 58,000 soldiers, but since its foundation in 1901 there were many who served their countries, and this online database includes records from all Australia's wars, including: world war I, world war II , Vietnam war and our databases also include records regarding: Australian Army , Australian Military, Australian Navy, Australian Air Force, Australian War Memorial Records, Australian Royal Navy, and other Australian War Records as well.

Our database include files, records and information from land, sea and air forces databases, thus, when running an online search query, one may get access to the following stored files:
# Military Board records
# Records created by the Directorate of Military Intelligence
# Files from the Army Inventions Directorate
# Records concerning the Women’s Royal Australian Army Corps
# War diaries (Australian War Memorial)
# Army photographic collections (National Archives photographic collections)
# Royal Australian Navy Records
# Ship plans and specifications
# Records on Naval Intelligence
# Royal Australian Air Force Records

Access to these specific records may enable the Australian public and also to others who are interested in getting access to these files, to get information about soldiers who served Australia faithfully, but didn't leave any memory or bits of information behind them.

In addition to military and army records, this unique database also contains historical information such as genealogy records and ancestry records which may can also contain information that could contribute to understanding a family's dynasty.

How Were Australian War Records Collected in The First Place?

Well, the answer is quite simple - during World War I the Australian government established the Australian War Records Section (also known as AWRS) of the Australian army, which will celebrate its 100th birthday in 5 years from today. Not many people know that fact, but formally the AWRS was established in May of 1917, and grew to include over 600 military and civilian personnel.

As history shows, the AWRS department appointed to be responsible for collecting soldiers war records, and then they made all they can to expand this database in order to preserve any and all records that were relevant to the Australia’s military experience throughout the years.

Between the remainders of World War I , it amassed more than 25,000 different documents, private files, pictures, photographs, and other memorabilia, which have become over the years - vital documents with an enormous value.

You should know that a couple of years after the AWRS was established, another related decision was made by the Australian government. Thus, almost 100 years ago the Australian government decided, only two years after the foundation of the AWRS to establish a new Australian institution, which was named the "Australian War Memorial", and it was founded during 1919.

Today, if we want to look at everything from above, the memorial is comprised of three parts, one of which is the research centre where all the war memorial records are kept for generations, and this is the place where people can go in order to get some information about their loved ones.

Not many people know, but these Australian war records can be easily detected by running a quick search query of any soldier's name in the search box located at the upper part of this online page. All you need to do in order to start the search process is to insert the soldier's first and last name and click on the "search" button, and then you will immediately stand at the doorstep full of information.

How Do I Access The Army Records I Am Looking For?

If you are looking for army or military records of people that lives (or lived) in Australia - you should know that you've got to the right place! All you have to do is to enter the first and last name of the person you are interested to find information about, in the search box located in the upper part of the page, and press the "search" button, from that point you can let the online Australian-people-records.com smart search engine to do the rest for you, as it will direct you to the order page where you will be able to choose the membership plan that will fit you best.

Our website offers access to Australian records, and we have a lot of information regarding the war records of the Australian military services . Our team has worked tirelessly to establish a complete and convenient set of army records for the many curious kin of Australia’s brave military heroes.

Retrieving Military Records

In the past it could be a very complicated process of mailing in record requests and filling out paperwork. Sometimes delays in receiving your records could be as long as several months.

But in the last decade things have changed and today, a simple click of the mouse will allow you to learn the history of your father, grandfather, or great-grandfather within seconds by browsing the Australian military records .

Think of it as a way to connect with your roots and pay tribute to those who fought for you and for your country. The greatest tragedy that can befall a fallen soldier is to be forgotten!

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Access your Australian military records today and make sure that it never happens to the special soldier in your life. Whether it is army records, war records, navy records or military records (including ww1 records & ww2 records) – we have it all !

This unique databases can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can supply the needed information regarding military or army files, in less than 60 seconds and its availability is 24/7.