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Electoral role

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Electoral roll search The Australian electoral rolls are compiled each election-year with the mandate to include every Australian citizen age seventeen and older.

Due to the fact that voting is compulsory in Australia, citizens must, by law, sign up for the electoral register with their permanent address.

The electoral roll is made publicly accessible at all Australian Electoral Commission Offices for the purposes of voter verification and fraud prevention.

Specifically, we can find authorized entities such as public health agencies, members of Parliament, and medical researchers are also authorized to access the electoral role in order to obtain names , addresses, gender and birth dates.

Australians Electoral Rolls History

The first Australian electoral roll was compiled in the 1840's in the states of Victoria and New South Wales.

The first federal electoral roll in Australia came out in 1901 following the federation of the commonwealth of Australia.

Electoral rolls are common among democratic countries, with such nations as New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, and Wales - having electoral rolls similar to Australia's.

While methods of registration vary, the world nations are united in their efforts to maintain the most accurate and updated records on the whereabouts of their own citizenry.

Why Voting Population Is Growing?

In Australia, only landowners were allowed to vote in the mid 19th century so the early registers were less than complete. But when the Australian laws changed, then first of all males, and then all women were added to the population of voters.

This was the time in which the Australian electoral roll became a valuable resource for keeping track of the names, and personal data like gender, birth information and occupation of each and every Australian citizen over the age of 21.

There are several reasons why the number of voters is in the process of growth, the first one is the three years reduction of the voting age from 21 to 18, which helped the rolls increased. One other reason for the growth in the number of voters is due to a fairly recent addition which is the inclusion of British citizens who have resided in Australia prior to January of 1984.

This sector of the electoral register comprises less than 10% of the total population, and by limiting the rolls, the Australian electorate maintains its singularity of purpose.

The Australian Electoral Register

The Australian electoral register is an invaluable resource that is being offered to people living in Australia, interested in tracing their ancestral roots, this resource can also help people looking to find genealogy records of their family members.

Today, genealogists, as well as anyone else, can access the information published on historic Australian registers. These registers include records, which have been made generally available through public libraries, and which become available for public use. It is important to understand that today more and more people are using these resources on a daily basis in order to find information about people they are interested in.

While past Australian census records were not accessible for the public because of privacy legislation, today the electoral rolls are governed by different rules but present a wonderful opportunity for amateur genealogists to locate the Australian branches of their family trees .

How Can I Change My Name On The Electoral Role?

Well if the process of voting is important to you (and it should be), and you have recently changed (legally) your name and/or your current home address, and now, you also wish to update your personal details in the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), then you should know that the process of updating a person's record is quite simple and can be completed in no time.

All one has to do, in order to update his or her name or address in the AEC's database, is to follow three simple steps:

1) Fill a short form
2) Print and sign the form
3) Email the signed form to the AEC

Our team believes in a full transparency, and we wish that all Australian citizens will update their personal records whenever a new piece of information is updated or changed, and that, in order to help people keep their records up to date at any given time, allowing access and rapid detection when necessary.

Our website supplies the relevant link which can assist in updating a person's details online. So, if you want to do that right now, you just need to click on the following link: update enrolment , and your request will be automatically sent to the AEC in order to make the update in the government databases.

Online Search Capabilities

You should know that the search capabilities which are available online at the www.Australian-People-Records.com website can be valuable keys to the gateway which opens the wealth of information contained in the Australian electoral rolls.

With the aid of today's cutting edge technology, our clients all over the world, and especially those living in Australia, can easily find the full names, addresses, criminal background checks, and sometimes even locate the occupation of an Australian individual they would like to track information about but can not find anything on normal search engines like Google or Bing.

NOTICE: most recent roll applications no longer require that an applicant will include his or her occupation, so, for some people which you may review in your search process, that piece of data may not be available (in most cases it is depending on the date parameters), other than that you can find many pieces of information which can help one to get a clearer picture of the information they are looking for.

Comprehensive Outlook About Any Australian Person

If we summarize, then the bottom line is that one can get a comprehensive outlook about any Australian person, and that by running a quick online query, and track the records he or she needs to find answers to.

If an Australian citizen in question is 17 years old or older, the chances are excellent that he or she is registered on the electoral roll , and with our assistance, their pertinent information can be easily found and less than two minutes.

To immediately launch your search, insert the first and last name of the person you would like to locate in the search box located at the top of this page, and the result will be shown on your screen in less than 60 seconds.