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How To Search Australian Army Records

Australian army records ww1 The Australian army service records database is an excellent place to start with, when trying to search for army records and/or war records for those who served as soldiers in the Australian forces, and were considered (or still are) as an army / military personnel.

This unique database can provide information that may aid benefits to a specific person who is seeking for information but don't know how to obtain it in conventional ways.

Australian people should also understand that existing information can also be helpful to spouses or children who want to find information about their own family members.

Thus, army records can be a very important part in the life of every Australian person that has served, retired, or even passed away.

Today, not many people are aware of the fact that most of the army files dealing with Australian soldiers have become accessible to the public, all with minimal effort and time.

The Australian Defence Force

The ADF which is the initials for Australian Defence Force is comprised from three different groups:

1) The Australian Army, which is Australia's military land force.
2) The Royal Australian Navy.
3) The Royal Australian Air Force.

Not many people know that the information regarding all Australian soldiers from all these three groups is being kept in the Australian Defence Force database.

Australian Army Records

The Australian army took part in a number of conflicts, throughout history, including: Second Boer War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam War, War in Somalia, East Timor, Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, War in Afghanistan and the last one - the War in Iraq.

Today there are approximately 30,000 soldiers in the Australian army, and together with almost 17,000 active reserve, and approximately with another 12,500 soldiers which are in a standby reserve status, Australia has quite an impressive amount of personal in its army.

Each soldier has an Army file located in the Army database, and today, when people are talking about accessing the Australian army records what is not always known is that these online records are no different than any army record in other countries around the world, and when it comes to "need to know" what services are available to the country's citizens, you can be sure that access to this kind of information is offered on the Australian mainland for those who are interested in it.

Running an online check where the goal is the see whether a soldier received medical assistance by using the Aust Army records archive can also be achieved in some cases, even if one has already retired, but what most people don't know, is that in most cases such assistance may be available to people that served and received an honourable discharge during their duty.

These Australia Army Records, once being watched by professionals who use the proper protocols, can aid in receiving recognition of an individual's disability in cases where a disease broke out when a person has served the country, and can be very helpful to link the disease or accident that occurred in the past to the patient and to the period during which the person was in active duty.

Upon the untimely event of a death of a military person whether active, out of service or retired, as long as the person served the country, whether it is a man or woman who has a honourable military discharge - finding out information about his or her army records Australia, might aid in death benefit, and benefits that might again aid the spouse and/or the dependent children.

A Little History On The Army Records

When the Commonwealth of Australia took over the administration of the Armed Forces, they only dated back starting in 1901.

The WWI took place between July 1914 to November 1918, during that time the Force was told to keep a daily diary, and today one can find these diaries through the Archival Series AWM4.

These diaries should prove interesting information which can help one to find out information about his or her beloved person through running a genealogy records search or an army records search.

Australian Army records WW2 can be the start for a genealogy path helping Australian people to better understand a person's background or a person's family roots, and might even help to reveal information that was hidden till now about a person's ancestors and family history.

It is important to understand that these army service records might help one to gather information and learn about an old person or about someone who has passed. The information found can be quite valuable for the founder, and it hopefully will be transferred in the future from one generation to another.

Ancestors & Australian Army

Revealing information about your ancestors' past can be a very valuable to a family member who wasn't previously familiar with his or her family deep roots, or did not know how hard his/her ancestors worked through the Australian military, the jobs they performed, the countries they served, where they were captured or whether they get to escape the paucities of this sad fate.

Even though we might not realize it at the moment, but even today it can help us to be who we are and change our daily life from our previous ancestors.

So whether you are looking for army service records or military service records , our suggestion: take the time to do a search and learn about the proud Australian Army / Military past and present. You can never know what you can find.