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If you are still not 100% convinced that our unique website can give you the most comprehensive public records search service available today online, you are more than welcome to check our Sample Report screen shots page, where you can examine samples of reports and search results one can get by running an online query using our smart search engine which is connected to the Australia records database.

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Questions & Answers

What Information Can You Get By Running An Online People Records Search?

Online People Search By running an online Australian people search, one can easily get access to one of the biggest Australian online databases which can provide information about people living in Australia , in most cases, these databases will include comprehensive information such as a person's full name, his or her full address (and sometimes also an e-mail address), phones and cell phone numbers, and in most cases - much more (other optional documents which may be also available: criminal records, offenders records and background check files, thus - by running an online search query, one can get access to the person's criminal and court records and find out who this person really is, in some cases a person's military record may also can be retrieved.

Running an Australian people records search won't take more than 60 seconds, and you will be able to get access to the most up to date and comprehensive information available online.

Keep reading to see what information can be revealed by running an Australian people records search.

How many Searches Can You Run?

By getting membership access to our Australian database you will get direct access to all the current records of people. Moreover, you will never have to pay anything again for carrying out as many searches as you need. Our multiple search membership is one of the main reasons why Australian people prefer our online database search. You can search over and over without having to pay each time.

Searching For My Personal Public Record

Today, when social networks are bloom, people have to understand how other people see them. If you try to run a free Australian people search or a free Australian public records search in one of the biggest search engines you might find a person's web page, a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, and might also find some newspaper articles if this person is more familiar but you won't be able to find any personal information.

If you are interested to know what information about your personal life is available to others, you must conduct a comprehensive personal public record search. Searching for your own personal record is as easy as clicking a button, all you have to do is to enter you first and last name.

Getting A Copy Of My Background Check

If you are one of those people wondering what someone running a background records checks will know about you, you have come to the right place. Here you can get a copy of your personal background check and criminal history, just as it might be obtained by someone else.

By using the Australian-People-Records platform to conduct a criminal background check , you can carry out, in an absolutely legal way a search that will provide you with the information that was gathered by others regarding your life since the day you were born. Don't forget, today the databases are available online, and you should not ignore that, on the contrary, you can use it for your own benefit.

This personal background check can give you the tools to know exactly what others can know about your personal life, and what information your boss can get by running a quick employee background check.

How Many Years Back Can I Find Court Records Information?

Any person's court record contains information regarding convictions or court hearings that this person was involved in after the age of 16. All court records prior to the adulthood are sealed, and the public can not get any information regarding an Australian person that has committed a crime before attaining adulthood.

The Australian laws are very clear regarding the viewing of court records, and the files prior to a person's adulthood are kept in a confidential way by the government. So, by conducting an online court records search you will be able to view information regarding Australian people aged over 16.

How To Find An Inmate Using An Online Search?

If you are looking for an Australian person who you think is in jail, or has been in prison in the past 30 years or so, it is recommended to use inmate records search to find out information about this person. The information found can include the following details: what prison they are in; a full background check, what crime they are imprisoned for, their court records, and what sentence they are serving.

In order to locate Australian jail inmates you will need to collect some basic information regarding those people, and the most common place to do so is the corrective services (Department of Corrections). If however, you already know the name, city and state in which the person is located, you can start your online inmate search which allows you to conduct a comprehensive and faster inmates search.

Do I Need Permission To Run A Death Record Search On Someone?

The answer to that question is very simple - No ! You don't need any permission in order to carry out an Australian death record or obituary search . If you don't want to visit cemeteries nor search in old newspapers then you can use online websites offering this kind of search.

Today, there are many websites that offer an online death certificates search where you are able to carry out quick and comprehensive searches. These websites allow you to find out comprehensive information about your loved ones. Those records provide a window into someone's past and are a way to discover more about someone who lived and died in Australia.

Running A Background Check Prior To Your Divorce

If you have decided to get divorced, then we suggest you first run a background check on your spouse. It is important to understand that you will not need to ask permission from the person whose information you wish to check before running this search.

All you need is your spouse's full name. the next thing for you to decide is what is the scope of your search; do you wish to find criminal records, past court records or maybe even run a full background check? The information provided by our website can help you build up your divorce papers . The information offered in our website would be more than enough to find out comprehensive information about your spouse.

Australian Passenger Lists Records Search

Australia is historically indebted to sea-going vessels, for they were for many years the only means of communication, trade and travel with other parts of the world.

The website offers a searchable database of passenger lists for approximately 1,200 ship arrivals in South Australia (also including arrivals prior to the colonisation period). Our passenger lists database contains information regarding shipping and immigrants from places such as Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, the United Kingdom, and from some other parts of the world, starting from the early 1800's (Immigrants on voyages with no surviving official passenger lists were usually included, others arriving overland or by unknown ships have also been added).

There are quite a few ships which bound for the states in Australia, especially to those located in the eastern part of the continent, between the years 1926 and 1938 and thereafter passed through Fremantle. The famous Fremantle passenger lists include all people who left the ship in the Fremantle area. Not many people know that these lists also include passengers who travelled on the same ship but who left it in other ports.

Tracking Information About WW2 Army Records

Since search engines (like Google) have entered our world, information has become more and more available, and people have started to run queries on subjects they are interested in more often. The rise of the social networks (like Facebook) have made people more interested in getting information regarding other people all over the world and also in Australia.

Searching for information regarding Australian people has become more popular, and people (especially the older generation) have started to look for information about their former family members. One of the most common searches made in the last few years in Australia is locating world war II records such as 'ww2 military records' and 'ww2 army records' in order to find out if there is some information left over from those years which may previously have been sealed.

A Guide To Finding Birth Records Over The Net

Birth records can be a great help to people who are looking to find information about their family members, it can also help genealogy researchers who need information for their family tree. Adoptee searchers can use the birth records database for their searches for birth parents . The Australian birth records database provides valuable information and clues to an ancestor's or relative's birth.

Over the last few years, many people and organizations have started to use online birth record archives. Although we can't provide access to every possible birth record resource in Australia, our database can provide you with the best and most reliable resources available today.

Conduct A Family Genealogy Search

Looking for the biggest Australian genealogy and family history search engine available on the web? Well, you've come to the right place! Of all genealogy search websites available online for the Australian people, is the most comprehensive.
This website can supply you with the best family genealogy search , where with one simple search you can:
1) Cover multiple spelling variations.
2) Cover phonetic synonyms.
3) Cover soundex and megadex variants.

By using our service you can also enjoy the ability to conduct people searches on people coming from Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales so you can search for that missing link or search for your family tree.

Locating Criminal Records Of A Deceased Person

Technology today offers a wide range of solutions; one of them is locating information about people all over the world. If you are interested in locating someone's criminal records, you've come to the right place! Our website offers access to the Australian criminal records database and allows one to locate the Australian criminal record of any adult, whether this person is 30 years old, 60 years old or even if this person has already passed away.

With our online platform you won't have to waste time or energy in order to access any individual's criminal record . You will get access to millions of Australian public records without leaving your chair and we can guarantee that you will get access to the most up to date criminal records database available for Australian people (deceased or alive).

Finding Australian People Is No Longer Limited To Law Enforcement

Up to about the year 2000, finding people records could only be done by law enforcement offices. This was the case in Australia and internationally. As technology improved and information became more and more accessible, searching (and finding) people records has become as easy as walking into the grocery store and picking a product off the shelf.

Now, in 2011 (just 10 years later) it is possible to find out any information on anyone in less than 1 minute, with a simple search by any person who has an internet access. People can get detailed information on others without the help of law enforcement or the need to take on (and pay) a private investigator. So if you need to find information regarding any person in Australia, try our Australian People Finder service and you won't regret it.

Using The Police Database For Tracking Information

In Australia the state governmental agencies maintain all criminal records of the Australian citizens. When running a criminal record check, one can find that it consists of many files such as arrests, old warrants, criminal convictions, etc.

The governmental agencies together with the local police , store these records in a maximum security databases. These unique databases can be used when someone submits an application for accessing the criminal record of a specific person.

The website has bought access to the Australian databases and provides a smart and convenient search engine that can help locate pieces of information regarding Australian people.

Locating Australian Army & Military Records

Starting in 1995, the Australian People Records website began the process of collecting records of individual military service of Australian service members. This website consists of various databases which include records of Australian veterans who are discharged, or who are retired or have died.

Those personnel records, of veterans of all services during the 20th century, are being stored in electronic format and can be reached by running a simple query. The records can be used for proving military service, or as a valuable tool in genealogical research made by the soldier's family members. So if you are interesting in finding information about someone who was an Australian solider in the past - don't wait any longer and find now the Australian military or Australian army service records you have always wanted to find.

Tracking Public Records From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

If you are interested in searching someone's public record or background history, you should know that the easiest way is from the comfort of your own home by running a quick query in one of our online websites.

These online websites have millions of records in their databases and they offer to run queries and get access to public records of Australian people . All you have to do is to type in the first and last name of the person whose record you are looking for, and then click on the "Search" red button and our website's smart search engine will do the rest for you, and present all the information available regarding this person on your screen in less than 60 seconds.

Locate Your Australian Old Friends

Today, when one wants to locate an old friend , the first place to look will be, of course, Facebook. But, when looking for people over 35 years old, Facebook won't necessarily be the best place to look due to the fact that most Facebook's members (65%) are younger than 35 years old.

When one wants to find information regarding his or her Australian old friend , who doesn't have a Facebook profile or a similar profile in any other social network, the locating process will be much more complicated, this person won't be able to easily find the info via the internet.

For those cases, our website can offer the perfect solution for locating public records of Australian people . Our website is also offering a service that can help someone locate his or her old classmates. This service is often used by those people who missed their last high school reunion but yet they would like to be in touch with their old school friends .

Australian Electoral Rolls Search

The electoral registers (also known as electoral rolls) are used in many democracies, including USA, UK , Australia , and other countries as well.

The electoral roll is a list of all names and addresses of those people who are entitled to vote in a specific area at the state elections. In order for one to check information regarding a specific person, all he or she has to do is to enter this person's name and press the "search" button.

The smart search engine will create a list of people answering the parameters inserted and a "match" message will be shown on screen, and by that a person can locate information regarding almost any Australian electoral roll available.

Family Trees

A family tree is a chart representing family relationships in a tree structure (also known as pedigree chart). Genealogical data can be represented by family trees which are often presented with the oldest generations at the top and the newer generations at the bottom, an ancestry chart is a different char which present a tree showing the ancestors of a specific individual.

By running a genealogy search, one can get information regarding his or her family members and regarding his/her family history. By running this search one can get a full access to the Australian people search engine and to the international family history database.

The international database includes also records from England and Ireland which include information about the early settlers which came from Great Britain, those records can also help people to track their Australian family members. The Australian database also includes ships and passenger lists which can help one to find the missing link or to map his or her family tree and find family members.

Running Census Search

The Australian Census of Population and Housing which is being conducted every five years by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) needs to count, in the most accurate way, the number of people living in Australia and the apartments in which they live and that in order to help to determine where schools, hospitals, and roads are needed.

The first Census was held in 1911 and since 1961 a Census has been taken every five years and it is compulsory. The last Australian Census (The 16th Census) took place on August 9, 2011. During the Census every household and person in the country is required to answer specific questions (online or manually). The next Census will be held during August, 2016. The census information is confidential but information regarding Australian people and their public records can be found in our databases.

Find Your Heritage Online

A person's heritage is a legacy from his or her past, a living, integral part of a person's life today, and the stories, traditions, monuments, culture and places those people pass on to their future generations. A person's heritage includes a collection of old things which can be consist of both tangible and intangible objects which include memories, songs, recipes, dances, and many other elements of who we are and how we identify ourselves.

In order to summarize heritage in one sentence: heritage is an essential part of the present we live in, and of the future we will build for our selves, heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity, spirit and ingenuity. And our Australian on line heritage database contains information about thousands of people from the last two centuries, and it can assist, for example to find a person's parents .

How Can You Get criminal Record?

Not many people know but Australia is very open minded when talking about sharing information about criminals. Today, individuals from all over the world can easily run an online query in one of the people records websites available on the net and get a national criminal history about almost anyone.

It is important to understand that criminal records today are being asked to present in many different cases such as applying for a visa to enter to various countries, or as part of someone's employment screening, even if this person is going to be a volunteer, the Australian court sometimes also ask to present a person criminal record for a court appearance.

Find People's Address

Our website is one of the most reliable sources exist today online for finding information regarding people and obtaining their public records. When using the smart search engine available in this platform one can find people by using a large number of options, including find people by their name or by their phone number. Not may people know that lately people have started tracking people by their address . In some cases this search will yield access to documents you've never imagine you can get access to like a person's genealogy file or a past criminal record (when exists).

Our unique platform checks billion of records when getting a user query, and that in order to help you retrieve instant results. So when you are trying to find out where a specific person lives - running a people address search may help you the get the results you need in less than 1 minute.

Ancestry Search

If you are interesting in understanding your family tree and to learn about your ancestry , it doesn't matter if you are a family history beginner or an expert, our smart search engine can help you finding and learning more about your ancestors in no time.

Our database can offer you an extensive, and growing records database resources, which are available for the public. You should be aware that the Australians' first generation are people living who are living now in Australia but were born overseas, on the other hand, the Australians second generation are people who born in Australia, and one or both of their parents were born overseas (Australians' first generation).

Online Neighbours Search

If you moved to a new neighbourhood and you want to know who your neighbours are, or if someone new has just moved to an apartment or a house nearby, and you would like to know who this person is, but don't want anyone to know you are sniffing around, well - we have the right service for you.

By using our Australian people search engine, one can locate information about almost anyone who lives in Australia, family status, public record, and the most important thing checking a person's background and see if this person has a criminal record or if he or she listed under the Australian offenders list. Don't wait and check our online neighbors search service.

Check Our Reports' Screen shots Before Joining Our Platform

Our unique website offers a very wide range of search options about people living in Australia or for people who lived in Australia in the past. Our Subscription form (order page) for those who want to join is fast, and easy and it allows people to enter to a world full of pieces of valuable information.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the existing fear from buying products or services online, and if you are still wondering whether to join our subscribers or not, then you can check our special dedicated web-page which has examples of reports that can be obtained from the Australian people records database (it is important to understand that not all reports are available for all people, because a complete mapping of the information on the entire Australian population has not yet been achieved.

ANZAC Day Ceremonies

The ANZAC Day which takes place on the 25th of April is one of Australia's most important national occasion during the year. This unique day marks the a specific day, during the First World War, when the first major military action fought the ANZAC's - by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

At the Australian War Memorial, the ceremony takes place at 10.15 am in the presence of the prime minister and the governor general. The ANZAC day ceremony follows an identical pattern each year, which is familiar to generations of Australian people, starting with the hymn, prayers, laying of wreaths and a recitation, and ending with the national anthem.

Why To Search For People?

In most cases when the average person would like to find information on someone else, his or her hands in most cases will be tied because in most cases they would not be interested that the other person (or any other third party) that knew this specific person, will be aware of this search process, and this is the main reason that this mission is very difficult to perform when one is interested to find a person or information regarding someone else, especially if this is a close person.

But today, in the Internet era, running a quick search query on one of the major search engines available online, can reveal some profiles from the top social networks from which it will be possible to extract information about the desired person. You should know that in practice, if someone really wants to find more in-depth data (the one that in most cases, will end in hiring a private investigator for), then it is important to recognize that today people can make a comprehensive research using online tools, and one of the top tools is the Australia is the website.

Conducting a Family History Research

If you are not 100% sure who your ancestors are, or if you are an adopted child who is looking to find your family genealogy, a family history research will, in most cases, be the best thing to do.

If this is the case, you should be encouraged, because today's technology allows easily to conduct a family research search online. There are many services that supply the platform to search for close / distant family members, even if they are spread in different continents around the globe with no more than a few minutes of easy work, and all of that by using one of the online services, so if you really need to find information, don't wait any more and try one of these services where you can find out a lot about your family and its roots.

Australian Criminal Charges Search

The Australian criminal law, which deals with criminal charges, is administered by individual jurisdictions in the Commonwealth of Australia, not many people know but these jurisdictions include eight agencies: (1) Federal (the Commonwealth government); (2) New South Wales; (3) Victoria; (4) Queensland; (5) South Australia; (6) Tasmania; (7) Western Australia; and (8) Northern Territory.

In recent decades, the Commonwealth has increasingly encroached on the powers of the states in relation to criminal charges , and during 2001 the jurisdiction over offences was transferred from the Australian states to the Commonwealth to handle.

Searching UK Public Records

England, like Australia enjoys great technological advancement, and many services which are available in Australia, exist, in most cases also in the United kingdom. The web services are at the same level as well as the most advanced search engines which are available to residents in both places.

Despite the long physical distance between them, England developed over time search services for public records of UK people , and today when a citizen of England needs to search for information about a colleague, all he or she has to do is go to one of the online people records websites which provide an extensive database services and just start running the relevant queries.

Running a babysitter background check

As a parent, there comes a point in life where you realize there is no escape from taking a babysitter to take care of your child, for times when you can't be at home. This phase is not simple for the young parents, as they entrust the most precious thing in unknown hands.

Although there are some people who are lucky as their parents (the children's grandparents) will agree to babysit their grandchildren, but in some cases they won't always be available, so at some point, the parents will have to find an appropriate babysitter for their children.

If you got to the point when you start looking for a babysitter, be ware that you can use an online people search tool, which can offer you access to a person's background file, thus, you will be able to check whether your future babysitter has a criminal history by simply run a babysitter background check and by that you will be more relaxed when you leave your home.

Sex Offenders Registry

The sex offender public records online website enables Australian citizens (wherever they are) to run a search for the latest information and most updated files for all Australian territories in order to access records providing the identity and location of known Australian sex offenders.

In order for an Australian person to run an online search query, one has to fill out the upper blue search form, thus inserting the first and last name of the person in question, and select the "Search" button in order for the website's smart search engine to retrieve the relevant information. The Australian sex offender register is an online database which is available in order to help the public protect itself from dangerous offenders and local criminals.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

It is well known that today, almost anywhere in the world, the number of cellular phones has been dramatically increase, thus, researches show that there today on our little globe, almost 7 billion active cellphones, and by 2013 the number of these machines will exceed the number of humans beings.

With this amazing piece of information, it is quite obvious why the service of locating a person by his or her cell phone, which is often being called, a reverse phone service is being used more and more. The process is very simple, when you find a local online website which offer this service, all you need to do is to insert the cell number and after a couple of minutes you will be able to access the cellphone owner public record.

Prison Records - Check If Someone Is In Jail

Today in the technology era, there are some databases which hold a variety of files collections including information regarding Australian individuals which stayed in one of the Australian prisons , these records of prisoners are being held in local archives but can be accessed by authorized websites.

In many cases, one will be able to run a search query regarding prison records that are related to local convicts, where all one needs to do in order to start the search process is having the prisoner name.

Access Australian Marriage Records

Today, with the bloom of the number of people who use the internet, whether on their PC, their cellphones or tablets, people understand that this future advanced technology can assist them in also revealing their past, and when someone is interested to search for their family history, they should know that there are many options which are available today that can shed some light on things that have happened in the past.

One of the most helpful documents, if found, can be matrimonial documents that can explain the origin of an Australian family tree. Now by getting access to the marriage database one will be able to run search queries and locate, hopefully, all his or her ancestors.

Sex Offender Public Registry

You should probably know that if someone was released from jail after serving his time, he is a free man to do what ever he wants although he was charged in the past and a sex offender criminal record was open against him. Now, the problem begins when you realize that this person can be anyone, and by that we mean actually anyone, your neighbour, the mail man, the father of your children's friends etc'.

So what can you do? Well, first of all, you should always be alert to what is happening around you, be aware that you have the right to know if someone was convicted of any sex crime in his past, whether he had a single victim or more, the only thing that you should know if the slightest doubt arises, is to enter the online people search engine and run a search query on the Australian sex offender register .

Online Mobile Number Search

Have you reached the point where you have in your hands someone's mobile number, but you have no idea who it belongs to. Well, when viewing the number of searches on the net it seems this small problem is only going to increase over time as the number of people with mobile devices only going to increase over the years and the number of cellular phones that were sold almost reached the number of people living around the globe. It's true that there are areas that people do not even know what a mobile phone is, but on the other hand be aware there are areas where a person has more than one mobile device.

Now, going back to the main topic, today's technology allows anyone who wants to, to be able to find a cell phone number coming from mainland Australia and and get the details connected with this device in less than two minutes.